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The Importance of Teacher Aides in the Classroom

The Importance of Teacher Aides in the Classroom

In the past decade or so, the importance of teacher aide positions in Australian classrooms has increased dramatically. They are now an integral part of schooling systems, with more than 14,500 currently employed in Queensland State Schools.

Crucial to the learning, social and emotional needs of children.

Many young students suffer in silence because they don’t quite have the confidence to ask for help at school. A teacher aide’s primary role is to be there, as a helping hand, for these students. Going around the classroom and checking in on kids one by one enables them to ask any questions they mightn’t have felt comfortable asking in front of the class. This, in turn, creates a more positive learning experience for the child, as embarrassment or fear of being wrong is not stunting their work.

Teacher aides can also have a significant impact on the emotional needs of children, particularly if teaching a very young age group, or working with disabled students. Having a kind adult to seek help and advice from can mean the world of difference for some kids.

Taking a load off teacher’s plates.

Teachers all over the world have admitted that teacher aides make an incredible difference to their classrooms. With classes of 30+ students, it can be an ongoing battle to keep an eye on the success and happiness of all of their students. Plus, organising daily activities and keeping the classroom clean and tidy, while trying to mark homework and piece together lesson plans. It’s a lot to take on!

Having a teacher aide, or two, by their side to help calm the class when they’re getting noisy, or step in when they’re feeling drained, can be a real day-maker.

Valuable assets in teacher-parent interviews.

Teacher aides are also a great source of information for parent-teacher meetings, as they are the ones most aware of the individual behaviours of students. They can inform parents about how their child is acting, whether or not they are happy at school, and suggest areas to work on.

Increasing number of teacher aides being hired in Australia.

In 2015, there were 87,000 teacher aides employed in schools across Australia. While this statistic may seem huge, there is still a short supply of applicants, and job openings are predicted to be greater than 50,000 in the next five years. The education sector is practically begging for qualified teacher aides to start their careers in schools around the country.

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