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7 Reasons to Choose a Career as a Nursing Assistant

7 Reasons to Choose a Career as a Nursing Assistant

A nursing assistant is an incredibly rewarding and diverse job for a variety of reasons. If you’re thinking about getting into the health industry, and you’re passionate about helping people, becoming a nursing assistant could be the perfect choice for you.

Here are seven reasons why you should choose a career as a nursing assistant.

1. Rewarding

All jobs in the health sector share the same personal benefit; that it is an incredibly rewarding industry. There’s just something about helping people in need, and being there for others, that makes us feel fulfilled. Nursing assistants help patients with a variety of daily living activities such as eating and bathing. Nursing assistants can also provide care for patients in long-term care facilities and hospitals. These responsibilities mean nursing assistants enjoy much more one-on-one time with patients than other positions. This alone makes a career as a nursing assistant incredibly rewarding. But don’t get us wrong, this is only one reason you should choose to become a nursing assistant – there’s so much more to look forward to!

2. Pathway to becoming a nurse

If you’re considering a career as a nursing assistant, but you’re also interested in gaining a qualification to become a nurse, a nursing assistant could be the perfect transition career and an even better learning opportunity.

3. Job security

Nursing assistants have exceptional job security. With the ageing population in Australia growing every day, nursing assistants are increasing in demand. Even the Australian Government job outlook lists healthcare assistants future growth as strong.

4. Networking

There are a variety of networking opportunities that come hand-in-hand with the role of a nursing assistant. These can include networking with others in the health industry or even networking with the families and patients you are helping. Remember, a career as a nursing assistant isn’t a desk job. You will be constantly involved and working with people all day long, so people skills are a must.

5. Varied work

No two days will be the same when you’re a nursing assistant. From assisting patients with daily activities to helping prepare their medication, you’ll get to experience a bit of everything!

6. Flexible schedules

A nursing assistant is not merely needed from 9-5, in fact, you could be working throughout the evening or even during the early mornings. So if you’re looking for a job with flexible working hours, a career as a nursing assistant is a fantastic option.

7. Growth industry

Unlike many industries, the health sector is a continually growing industry. That means choosing a career as a nursing assistant is perfect for long-term employment. Once you start in the industry, you know you’ll have a job for years to come.

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