10 Awesome Jobs for Students Who Want to Help Others


10 Awesome Jobs for Students Who Want to Help Others

10 Awesome Jobs for Students Who Want to Help Others

There are many rewarding roles available for students who wish to undertake a career where their main focus is helping others. If you have strong skills in the areas of listening, assisting, being patient and showing compassion, then pursuing a career path in education support or aged care will be enjoyable and advantageous. Here are just a few of the jobs that you could master by undertaking formal accredited training in these areas.

Teacher’s Aide

A teacher’s aide helps the teacher in the smooth running of the classroom. It is the duty of the teacher’s aide to see to the pupil’s needs, assist with supervision, carry out clerical work and enforce classroom rules. The teacher’s aide takes care of the handing out and collection of tests and often mediates behaviour in the classroom so that the teacher can focus on instructing the lesson. A teacher’s aide will often see to the individual needs of the students so that a lesson is not interrupted for the majority of the classroom when one pupil requires extra attention.

Teacher’s Assistant

The roles of the teacher’s aide and teacher’s assistant are quite similar. However, there are slight differences depending on the size and structure of the school in question. A teacher’s assistant is qualified to help the teacher instruct a lesson. A teacher’s assistant will sometimes plan and carry out lessons when the teacher is not present. They may also teach a lesson when the class is split into smaller groups. A teacher’s assistant can grade homework and tests, and update parents on the progress of a student.

Literacy Worker

A literacy worker acts as a specialist teacher’s assistant that focuses solely on helping students with reading and writing. The job often involves one on one reading time with pupils to ensure that they are receiving the support that they need to improve literacy skills. A literacy worker may plan lessons for small groups of students or individuals. They must assess the level that each student is learning at, and create an encouraging environment for studying. They will research and prepare resources to lead learning activities.

Home Tutor

A home tutor specialises mostly in one on one educational assistance for students who require extra learning support outside of school hours. It is a home tutor’s job to help a student who may be having trouble understanding lesson concepts. Often a home tutor will be called upon to get a student up to speed with their classmates if they are falling behind in work due to a difficulty in understanding lessons. This job requires patience and the ability to explain concepts with clarity and simplicity.

Homeland Teaching Assistant

Homeland Learning Centres are found in remote villages, particularly in Northern and Central Australia. They are centres where Indigenous Australian children can go to learn literacy and numeracy, among other lessons, without leaving their community or traditional land. A homeland teaching assistant will help to construct and carry out lessons in homeland learning centres. They will support and encourage Indigenous Australian pupils during their education while endorsing the importance of community and connection to the land.

Residential Care Officer

A residential care officer supervises and helps the elderly living in a nursing home, or similar shared assisted accommodation environment. They provide aid for the residents during everyday tasks, including bathing, dressing and getting in and out of bed. They interact with residents during social activities, serve meals and take care of mobility within the home. Residential care officers also carry out general housekeeping duties.

Aged Care Supervisor

A care supervisor within an aged care facility will be responsible for delegating jobs to the residential care officers and ensuring the smooth running of the residential home. An aged care supervisor may be responsible for rostering staff, contacting the family of the residents when there are issues, and filling out daily reports. It is their job to make sure that every resident’s personal care plan is being followed by staff.

Aged Care Community Program Coordinator

The community program coordinator is responsible for the events and social outings for an aged care facility. They will often plan and organise activities such as bingo, choir or crafts in order to boost the morale of residents and keep their minds stimulated on a daily basis. They will also arrange outings for the residents, taking care of transportation, bookings and health considerations.

Aged Care Day Activity Worker

An aged care day activity worker will often implement the activities organised by the community program coordinator, or assist in running these programs. They will help the residents take part in activities, distributing materials and taking care of packing up duties. As mentioned in the name, the day activity worker will only be present in the residential home during office hours to assist with social activities, rather than physical care. The activity worker is mostly there for the mental welfare of the residents, providing conversation and practical purpose to keep the residents occupied.

Personal Aged Care Worker

A personal aged care worker will carry out tasks for just one elderly individual, often within their own home. A personal aged care worker is not a live-in worker, rather a qualified professional who visits on a regular basis to assist an elderly person with everyday tasks such as cleaning, shopping, laundry and preparing meals. The regularity of this assistance depends upon the contract that the personal care worker undertakes with the individual. It can range from visits twice a day, to visits twice a week, depending on the level of help needed.

We hope you have found a role here best suited to your interests and abilities! All of these positions, however, will require evidence of accredited training in the form of a Certificate III or Certificate IV. If you need to acquire a certificate in education support or aged care in order to kickstart your career, contact Career Keys today. We offer flexible, affordable learning options for any student who wishes to make a career out of helping others!